• ECOCIM -  Treatment and emballishment of all plastic accessories or equipment in Motor Vehicles


Specially designed for cleaning, embellishment and treatment of all plastic surfaces in motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electronic equipment, etc...

ECOLOGIC FORMULATION - as it is a solvent free water emulsion and completely biodegradable.
CLEANS AND LEAVES SHINY LOOK- plastic of cockpits, nappa and all of motor vehicles plastic accessories, electrical appliances, computers, etc ..
PROTECTS AND TREATS - the shriveled and discolored material due to heat and impact of sunrays.
ANTI-ADHERENT AND ANTI-STATIC - does not let dust to stick, keeps materials with satin glow.
ADHERE TO THE SURFACES - plastic, napa or similar, with quick evapoirtaion, leaving just protective silky and anti-adherent film.
CHEMICLY ENERT PRODUCT - protects and maintains flexibility of the materials: plastic, synthetic rubber, leather, skins, etc...



  • Cleans
  • Protects
  • Treats
  • Anti-adherent
  • Anti-static

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