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CAPECIM | industrial paint stripper

"FLUSH OFF" STRIPPER - for easy removal of residues with water jet.
REMOVES - cellulosic paints, acrylic, phenolic, polyvinyl, oleoresinosas, epoxy, etc.
VISCOUS - allows its use in vertical and inclined surfaces without sagging.
CORROSION RETARDANTS - forms a long lasting film facilitating the penetration of the product for the rapid blistering of the coating to be removed. CORROSION INHIBITORS - does not attack stripping surface .

CIM 20 SU | concentrated degreaser for hot or cold wash

Recommended Use - Metalworking Industry in the outdoor cleaning machines, lathes, etc. Engine cleaning, chassis, tankers parts, hoods, tarpaulins, tractors and all kinds of heavy vehicles. Efficient in cleaning floors or surfaces in workshops, factories, etc .. Removal of protective wax off transit vehicles. It can also be used in hot or cold pressure machines.

CIM 410 | anti-adherent protection for battery terminals

Specially formulated for use in battery manufacturing, plastics, packaging, footwear, fabrics as a lubricant, anti-adherent or waterproofer.

CIM 45 MT2 | dirt remover

POWERFUL REMOVER OF VEGETABLE AND MINERAL FAT - and other types of dirt without levin any traces.

CIM 60 | Alkaline descaling

Removes hot or cold carbon deposits, burned oil, grease, carbon black, salts, etc., on machines and equipments, and any surface: iron, stainless steel or plastic.

CIM ABSORB NATURAL | dangerous liquids remover

The CIM NATURAL ABSORB is a 100% biodegradable natural product. It is a selection of natural organic absorbets exempt of hydrocarbons, which absorbs and encapsulates wide variety of oils, organic solvents and other liquids.

CIM BS TD | Degreaser for automatic wash of batteries with all types of water hardness.

ELIMINATES: Organic and inorganic dirt, scratches or other stains on battery boxes.
It contains sequestering compounds that prevent the formation of scale deposits which cause the appearance of white spots on the machine. The surfactants are biodegradable and are of a high degreasing power. It contains anti-corrosion compounds that prevent corrosion of metal parts mainly ferrous source.

CIM DEFOAM SI | antifoaming silicone based water emulsion

CIM DEFOAM SI is an antifoam in emulsion. Unlike traditional antifoam agents, the active component of CIM DEFOAM SI guarantees excellent performance in conditions with the variety of high pH values, when used at high temperatures 60-80ºC and with medium alkalinity.

CIM HS | Product for Plumbing Uncloging

UNCLOGS: Drains, collectors, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pipelines, etc ..

CIM PROTECTIVE | Battery lead pieces sealant

Prevents the passage of the sulfuric acid vapors to the environment through porous lead material.

CUTOILCIM | emulsifiable mineral base cutting oil

Cutting oil.

DELICIM | multyuse water based super degreaser

HIGH POWER: Degreaser
REMOVES: Easily all kinds of fats, whether plant, animal or mineral origine and waste carbon black
HIGH CAPACITY: For wetting, as it is formulated with the most modern surfactants
WATER MISCIBLE: In all proportions
ULTRA ECONOMIC: being super concentrated.

DILUENTE CIM PROTECTIVE | Diluent for application of sealant

Product used for viscosity reduction of CIM PROTECTIVE

ECO SOLVECIM | ecological solvent, multifunctional, emulsifiable with water

EFFICIENT removes oil and grease from metal surfaces, etc. Excellent for cleaning engines and their components, parts, etc.
Quick dry.
Leaves no residue.


FOSFOCIM | Degreaser And Deoxidiser and PHOSPHATIZANT

Cleaning, degreasing, deoxidation of aluminium surface, iron and its alloys in methalurgic industry, civil construction and automobile industry.


FUELCIM SU | multifunctional additive for fuel

Increases the fluidity and combustion power of naphtha, improving efficiency in the burners. Emulsifies the existing water by incorporating it in the burning fuel.
Eliminates the formation of carbon deposits in furnaces, tubular, increasing the thermal efficiency of the equipment.

INDUCIM PB | industrial hand wash

Industrial hand wash disinfectant for washing and disinfecting hands and removing lead and other heavy metals.

INDUCIM SU | industrial hand-wash

Specially formulated for use in workshops, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, military units, yards, etc.

INOXAL SU | Deoxidation and cleaning of superficies in inox

Removal of oxides and limestone in radiators or other equipment, materials which include more fragile metals such as copper, aluminum and their alloys. Scouring of corrosion points in the paintings of new vehicles. Should not be used on the bodies at temperatures above 25°C.

ISOCIM | Insulator and water repellent for electrical and electronic equipment protection

ULTRA MODERN FORMULATION that sumultaniously works as electric isolator and as a anti corrosive for metalic surfaces.
ADHERES to dry materials: metal, ceramic surfaces, rubber, PVC and all kinds of electrical insulation conferring high strength even in conditions of high condensation of humidity.

LACACIM | Anticorrosive coating Oily Film

PROTECTS: Any type of metalic surface against oxidizing agents.
LEAVES PROTECTIVE FILM: That prevents oxidation by oxigen and humidity.

OLEOCIM | Synthetic cutting oil

LUBRICANT, COOLANT - Protects wear parts during operation and ensures better finishes.
SOLUBLE IN WATER - In all proportions. The solutions are transparent to provide visibility in precision operations.

PAVECIM | Detergent for automatic floor cleaning machines

WASHES,DISINFECTS - all tile floors, marble, vinyl, etc., not waxed, even with hard water
CONTAINS - controlled foam surfactants, biodegradable.

REFRICIM | water treatment for the refrigiration systems

Specially designed to be used within water refrigiration systems of the motors of the light and heavy vehicles as well as ships.

SILACIM | polysiloxane based nonstick lubricant and anti-static

LUBRICATES ADN WATERPOOFS - against the moisture.
ELIMINATES - Noise caused by friction.
NOT TOXIC. - Can be used in food preparation equipment.


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