• CAPECIM - industrial paint stripper


"FLUSH OFF" STRIPPER - for easy removal of residues with water jet.
REMOVES - cellulosic paints, acrylic, phenolic, polyvinyl, oleoresinosas, epoxy, etc.
VISCOUS - allows its use in vertical and inclined surfaces without sagging.
CORROSION RETARDANTS - forms a long lasting film facilitating the penetration of the product for the rapid blistering of the coating to be removed. CORROSION INHIBITORS - does not attack stripping surface .

Recommended usage in removing paints, varnishes, lacquers, protective coatings for cars, trucks, public transport vehicles and other equipment. Applicable on wooden surfaces, metal or concrete in construction sites and ship repair, aeronautics, civil construction, engineering, electrical equipment workshops, paint or appliances.



  • Paint removal
  • Varnish removal
  • Lacquer removal
  • Car protective coating removal
  • Truck protective coating removal
  • Public transportation protective coating removal
  • Variety of equipments

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