• ALCIM - degreaser and deoxidizer for aluminum surfaces


Cleaning, degreasing, degreasing of the surfaces of aluminum, zinc, iron and their alloys. Also degreases and bleaches the tiles in vehicle service stations. Removing the oxidation of the aluminium rims.

HIGH DEGREASE POWER - Remove grease, scratches, smoke stains and other residual dirt from all surfaces of iron aluminum and other alloys.
POWERFUL DEOXIDIZER - Removes oxides, leaving the polished and shiny aluminum surfaces.
NOT FLAMMABLE - Does not emit toxic fumes because it is an aqueous solution.
ECONOMIC - is highly concentrated and can be diluted with various parts of water according to use.



  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Deoxidization of aluminum, zinc, iron and their alloys surfaces

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