• CIM 20 - biodegradable alcaline detergent and concentrated degreaser,

CIM 20

Cleaning of the surfaces and countertops in the food industry. Efficient in cleaning painted surfaces in workshops, factories, etc. It is also effective in removing wax in vehicles in transit when it is of a synthetic nature. Engine cleaning, chassis parts, auto tanks, hoods, tarpaulins, tractors and all kinds of heavy vehicles.

STRONG DEGREASER - in cold cleaning operations or hot (50 ° C).
MULTYUSE DEGREASER - can be used in food industry, workshops and industry in general
REMOVES EASILY - oils, fats, greases, black smoke and any kind of dirt.
NO DAMAGE - painted surfaces.
MISCIBLE - with water in all proportions.



  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing

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