ALFLOCIM | flocculant and brightener

Addition to the Disinfection and flocculation of particles in suspention in the water of hot tub and swimming pool.

AUTOCIM SU | shampoo for the exterior cleaning of the vehicle

Exterior cleaning for cars, trucks, carriages, trams, buses, etc., in service stations, garages, shipyards, shipping companies, etc.

BIOCIM | multifunctional microbiocide treatment for cooling water and air conditioning ducts

Concentrate of organobromado polymer biocide used to control the growth of algae , bacteria and fungi in industrial and commercial cooling towers, as well as Disinfection process of air conditioning ducts and all recirculation cooling systems.

BIOCIM BLOCK | bactericidal disinfectant, algaecide and fungicide designed to prevent the development of Legionella in air conditioning systems

BIOCIM BLOCK is a bactericidal aligicida and fungicida designed to prevent and suppress growth of Legionella Pneumophila, among other microorganisms, in the air conditioning systmems.

BIOCIM PA | bromine tablets

Bromine in tablets for Disinfection of the water of the swimming pool and jacuzzi.

BOILERCIM | water treatment forthe boilers and steam systems

Scale inhibitor and corrosion, polyfunctional, for the treatment of liquid and vapor phases of the boiler, improving its thermal efficiency throughout the system.

BOILERCIM FG | water treatment for the boilers in food industry

Scale inhibitor and corrosion, polyfunctional, for the treatment of liquid and vapor phases of the boiler, specifically designed for application in the food industry, where the steam generated is in direct contact with the production.

CAPECIM | industrial paint stripper

"FLUSH OFF" STRIPPER - for easy removal of residues with water jet.
REMOVES - cellulosic paints, acrylic, phenolic, polyvinyl, oleoresinosas, epoxy, etc.
VISCOUS - allows its use in vertical and inclined surfaces without sagging.
CORROSION RETARDANTS - forms a long lasting film facilitating the penetration of the product for the rapid blistering of the coating to be removed. CORROSION INHIBITORS - does not attack stripping surface .

CBL 6035 | hypobromous acid catalizator

Solution of sodium bromide designed to be used as a catalyst in the generation of hypobromous acid (HOBr) in water cooling systems.

CBL 8006 | Dispersant and Inhibitor of inlays

CBL 8006 is a combination of dispersing agents and scale inhibitors. Disperse buildup of scale, mud, oil, silt and other contaminating materials. Cleans industrial water systems online.

CBL 8012 | dispersant for refrigeration systems

It is a penetrating and dispersing liquid used for the treatment of the water in industrial and commercial refrigeration circuits.

CBL 9044 | corrosion inhibitor for refrigeration systems

Polyphosphate based product that inhibits corrosion and fouling.

CBL 9324 | a molybdate based corrosion inhibitor, for closed industrial water circuits

It is an inhibitor which controls corrosion and scale deposition suitable for use in closed cooling or heating systems.

CBL 9328 | full treatment for open system of recirculated cooling water

It is a comprehensive treatment developed for open systems of cooling water recirculation, where chlorine or other highly oxidising compounds are used for microbiological control.

CBL 9524 | polyfunctional treatment for boilers

Provides an effective water treatment for low-medium pressure boilers up to 42kg / cm2 (4100kPa).

CBL 9600 | oxygen reducer for boilers

Oxygen reducer for the boilers with low and medium pressure.

CBL 9605 | catalyzed liquid oxygen scavenger and metal passivator


CBL 9706 | corrosion inhibitor for vapor fase

Mixture of neutralizing amines to be used in the vapor phase of steam condensating systems.

CERCIM | acrylic wax for floor

Recommended application - in vinyl flooring, bricks and tiles unglazed, wooden blocks, etc. Let self-glossy protective film. Used in hospitals, clinics, hotels, offices, gyms, etc.

CIM 20 SU | concentrated degreaser for hot or cold wash

Recommended Use - Metalworking Industry in the outdoor cleaning machines, lathes, etc. Engine cleaning, chassis, tankers parts, hoods, tarpaulins, tractors and all kinds of heavy vehicles. Efficient in cleaning floors or surfaces in workshops, factories, etc .. Removal of protective wax off transit vehicles. It can also be used in hot or cold pressure machines.

CIM 410 | anti-adherent protection for battery terminals

Specially formulated for use in battery manufacturing, plastics, packaging, footwear, fabrics as a lubricant, anti-adherent or waterproofer.

CIM 45 MT2 | dirt remover

POWERFUL REMOVER OF VEGETABLE AND MINERAL FAT - and other types of dirt without levin any traces.

CIM 50 SU | multyuse water based degreaser

EMULSIFIABLE AND DEGREASER: for wax, oils, dyes, vegetable and animal fat
MISCIBLE WITH WATER: in all proportions
DOES NOT ATTACK: Metallic or painted surfaces, in recommended proportions.
EFFECTIVE: in removal of fat, smoke and dust resulting from traffic.

CIM 60 | Alkaline descaling

Removes hot or cold carbon deposits, burned oil, grease, carbon black, salts, etc., on machines and equipments, and any surface: iron, stainless steel or plastic.

CIM 80 | Descaling - Degreaser

CIM 80 is used in removing fats at a cold conditions, alkaline fouling carbonaceous deposits, carbon black, etc. It is recommended for cleaning and degreasing of floors in slaughterhouses, markets and respective countertops and containers in which food is transported.

CIM ABSORB NATURAL | dangerous liquids remover

The CIM NATURAL ABSORB is a 100% biodegradable natural product. It is a selection of natural organic absorbets exempt of hydrocarbons, which absorbs and encapsulates wide variety of oils, organic solvents and other liquids.

CIM ALCAL | alkalinity enhancer

Solid enhancer of alcalinity of the swimming pool water.

CIM ANTIGRAF L | graffiti stripper

Biodegradable product, although should not be leaked directly to the seawage or ground.

CIM BS | detergent for dishwashing in automatic machines for medium-hard and hard water

Washes and sanitizes all dishes, faience porcelain, glass. Contains chlorine. It contains sequestering agents which prevent the formation of limescale and anticorrosive compounds that prevent corrosion of the machines.

CIM BS TD | Degreaser for automatic wash of batteries with all types of water hardness.

ELIMINATES: Organic and inorganic dirt, scratches or other stains on battery boxes.
It contains sequestering compounds that prevent the formation of scale deposits which cause the appearance of white spots on the machine. The surfactants are biodegradable and are of a high degreasing power. It contains anti-corrosion compounds that prevent corrosion of metal parts mainly ferrous source.

CIM CLOR 5A | 5 actions tablets

5 actions tablets are suitable for water treatment in swimming pools and jacuzzis.

CIM CLOR 60 GRA | chlorine for the swimming pools

HIGH CONTENT - In active chlorine 60%
EASY HANDLING - When there is no automatic dosing equipment simply add the appropriate amount directly to the pool water.
KEEP the clear water, disinfected with continuous residual chlorine
NOT DECOMPOSED - by the light
EASY STORAGE - Storage without appreciable losses

CIM CLOR 90 GRA | chlorine for the swimming pools

HIGH CONTENT - active chlorine, 90%
EASY TO HANDLE - does not require special equipment, enough to add powder directly to the water of the swiming pool.
MAINTAINS - clear water, disinfected and with continuous residual chlorine
DOES NOT CHANGE - the indicators of pH of the water, preventing repeated adjustments
EASY - to store, without appreciable loss.

CIM CLOR PA 200 | chlorine in tablets

Clorine tablets for water treatment in swimming pools and jacuzzi.

CIM CLORAN | active oxygen for shock treatment to chloramines

Oxidizing powder, chlorine free, for the elimination of chlorines.

CIM CLOROL LF | liquid broad spectrum halogenated disinfectant detergent

SEQUESTERING - contains sequestering additives that permit to work without any risk of incrustations with water up to 30ºHF following suggested dosage.
DISPERSION - disperses dirt creating sufficiently stable suspensions, imporving cleaning and disinfection
NO FOAM - does not creat foam at suggested doses.

CIM DEFOAM SI | antifoaming silicone based water emulsion

CIM DEFOAM SI is an antifoam in emulsion. Unlike traditional antifoam agents, the active component of CIM DEFOAM SI guarantees excellent performance in conditions with the variety of high pH values, when used at high temperatures 60-80ºC and with medium alkalinity.

CIM DFS | Descaling - Disinfectant

REMOVES - calcareous and ferrous incrustations
COMPLETELY DESTROYES - Microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, and Pseudomonas.
CLEANS AND DISINFECTS - Efficiently, with high penetrating power and dispertion.

CIM FOAM ACID | descaling acid foam

CIM FOAM ACID is a foam indicated for cleaning of machines, premises, surfaces, etc., in the food industry.

CIM FOAM CLOROL | Chlorinated Alkaline Foam

The CIM FOAM CLOROL has a high broad spectrum disinfectant effect and holds surfactants which gives it an excellent wetting power. Easily eliminates remains of fat, protein and odors. In aluminum and galvanized surfaces, it should be used at low concentrations with short contact times and at a cold temperature.

CIM HS | Product for Plumbing Uncloging

UNCLOGS: Drains, collectors, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pipelines, etc ..

CIM INVERN | winter water treatment for the swimming pools

Disinfectant for water treatment of the water of the outdoor swimming pools in winter period.

CIM KA | disinfectant for butcher rooms and other surfaces in the food industry

The CIM KA is a POWERFUL disinfectant. Biocide incorporated into the CIM KA has EFFECTS ON GRAM POSITIVE AND GRAM NEGATIVE BACTERIAS and over a wide range of micro-organisms.

CIM LUB 40 | Chain carriers Lubricant for high hardness water

HIGH LUBRICANT POWER at low concentrations.
DOES NOT ATTACK THE MATERIAL OF CHAINS, plastic material, or materials of joints.

CIM pH - | solid pH reducer

Solid product for reduction of the pH of the swimming pool water.

CIM pH - L | liquid pH reducer

Liquid product for reduction of the pH of the water.

CIM pH + | solid pH enhacncer

Solid product for increase of the pH of the swimming pool water.

CIM pH + L | liquid pH enhancer

Liquid product for increase of the pH of the swimming pool water.

CIM PROTECTIVE | Battery lead pieces sealant

Prevents the passage of the sulfuric acid vapors to the environment through porous lead material.

CIM SECAUTO | Water repellent brightener for Motor Vehicles

EXCELLENT: water repellent capacity.
FACILIATES: and increases the speed of drying.
GREAT: brightening properties that give to a vehicle excellent appearance and at the same time treats the paint.
LIMITATES: drasticly the formation of rust points and protects at the same time areas where paint is missing.

CIM SHOCK CLOR | inorganic chlorine for water treatement of the water in the swimming pool and chlorine shock treatment

It is used for swimming pool water disinfection, or chlorine shock treatment, as a replacement for organic chlorine used on a daily basis.

CIM SHOCK CLOR PA 20 | chlorine in 20gr tablets

High contents of active chlorine 65-70%.
Effective disinfectant for water treatment, easy to use and apply.

CIM SHOCK CLOR PA 200 | chlorine in 200gr tablets

EFFECTIVE DISINFECTANT for water treatment, easy to use and apply.

CIM SUPERCLEAN | Multyuse detergent - Ammoniac based - Super concentrated

May be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing procedures on various surfaces.

CIM TACK | Full Alkali Detergent used in automatic Cleaning

Due to its elevated alkalinity and to the fact that it does not produce foam, it is indicated for CIP.

CIM ULTRASEPT | Large spectrum biocide for the disinfection and degreasing in food or related industry

CIM ULTRASEPT is a powerful liquid disinfectant and degreaser specially formulated with effective power against a broad spectrum of organisms, which include bacteria, viruses and fungi.

CIM W | anti-fog glass cleaner

Specially formulated for cleaning glazed windows, balconies, windows, etc., in the hotel industry, construction, automotive, etc. Cleaning mirrors, chrome or painted surfaces where you want a glossy finish.

CIMAL | Algaecide - Fungicide - Bactericide for Swimming Pool Water Treatment

ELIMINATES AND PREVENTS: The growth of algae, fungi or molds.
COMPLETES - Chlorine treatment of the swimming pool, since it is no longer has capacity to kill all existing strains of bacteria in the water.
DOES NOT CAUSE: skin and eyes irritation. It is non-toxic.
DOES NOT CHANGE: The pH value of the water.
ELIMINATES: The slippery surface of the pools.

CIMAL LF | bactericide and algeicide

Bactericide and algaecide for secondary treatment of swimming pool water, without foaming.

CIMAL TC | algaecide for shock treatment

Highly concentrated algicide and bactericide used for shock treatment of the wimming pool water.

CIMIFLOC F1 | primary coagulant for potable and industrial water treatment

CIMIFLOC F1 is EXTREMELY VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE. Its efficiency holds for a wide range of pH and at low dosages. It presents EXCELLENT BEHAVIOR IN WATER CONTAMINATION WITH HIGH ORGANIC, EVEN AT LOW TEMPERATURES providing COMPACT FLAKES FORMATION, easily filterable and facilitates sedimentation.

CLEANAIR LIMÃO | Disinfectant - Germicide - Deodorant

Disinfection of air ducts of air conditioners and Air handlers, humidification systems and its components, avoiding the transmition of microorganisms to the humans.

CLEANCIM | super degreaser for cars

CLEANCIM is a high foaming detergent, highly concentrated, for washing light or heavy vehicles.
REMOVE fat, black residue of smoke, etc ..

SODIUM CHLORIDE IN TABLETS | decalcification salt

High purity and uniformity product obtained by evaporation in vacuo from purified brine. The cylindrical shape of the tablet provides a maximum surface for the exchange in the regeneration of ion exchange resins

CLORO LÍQUIDO | sodium hypochlorite

Used as primary Disinfectante for water treatment of the water in the swimming pool and human consumption water.

CUTOILCIM | emulsifiable mineral base cutting oil

Cutting oil.

D ODOR EUCALIPTO | Special essences with eucalyptus aroma for professional use in wastewater from WWTP

The odors that occur in a WWTP originate mainly from nitrogenous compounds (ammonia) and sulfur compounds (hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans).
Odor minimization is achieved through the addition of oxidizing chemicals and pH changes.










DELICIM | multyuse water based super degreaser

HIGH POWER: Degreaser
REMOVES: Easily all kinds of fats, whether plant, animal or mineral origine and waste carbon black
HIGH CAPACITY: For wetting, as it is formulated with the most modern surfactants
WATER MISCIBLE: In all proportions
ULTRA ECONOMIC: being super concentrated.

DILUENTE CIM PROTECTIVE | Diluent for application of sealant

Product used for viscosity reduction of CIM PROTECTIVE

DRYCIM | Rinse aid for automatic dishwashing in hard water and semi-hard

Rinse additive for dishwashers.

ECO SOLVECIM | ecological solvent, multifunctional, emulsifiable with water

EFFICIENT removes oil and grease from metal surfaces, etc. Excellent for cleaning engines and their components, parts, etc.
Quick dry.
Leaves no residue.

ECOCIM | Treatment and emballishment of all plastic accessories or equipment in Motor Vehicles

Specially designed for cleaning, embellishment and treatment of all plastic surfaces in motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electronic equipment, etc...

ECOCLOROCIM | Super concentrated bactericide, fungicide and insect repellent

ACTIVE AGAINST HIV AND HEPATITIS B The ECOCLOROCIM is a highly concentrated disinfectant with the following characteristics:
Strong degreasing power
Large spectrum of activity against gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, fungi, molds and algae.


FILTERCIM L | descaller and sanitizer for sand filter

Liquid descaller and disinfectante for sand filters of the swimming pool.

FLOC CIM L | flocculant for simming pool water

Innocuous flocculant liquid for swimming pools.

FLOC CIM PA | flocculant in tablets

Solid flocculant in tablets for water treatment of the water of the swimming pools.

FLOC CIM S | flocculant for the swimming pool

Flocculates solids that are in suspension in the water of the swimming pool and creates aggregation of fine particles, making them larger, thus facilitating the removal of same through the filter.

FONTECIM | Algaecide and fungicide for the treatment of water fountains


FOSFOCIM | Degreaser And Deoxidiser and PHOSPHATIZANT

Cleaning, degreasing, deoxidation of aluminium surface, iron and its alloys in methalurgic industry, civil construction and automobile industry.


FUELCIM SU | multifunctional additive for fuel

Increases the fluidity and combustion power of naphtha, improving efficiency in the burners. Emulsifies the existing water by incorporating it in the burning fuel.
Eliminates the formation of carbon deposits in furnaces, tubular, increasing the thermal efficiency of the equipment.

GERMICIM | disinfectant and bactericide - cleans, disinfects and perfumates

POWERFUL DISINFECTANT - bactericidal, fungicidal and broad-spectrum bacteriostatic; A 1% GERMICIM solution after 1 minute destroys microorganisms such as: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella Typhy.

GERMICIM H | disinfectant, bactericide, fungicide and algaecide

POWERFUL DISINFECTANT- bactericidal, fungicidal and broad-spectrum bacteriostatic; A 1% solution of GERMICIM H after 1 minute destroys microorganisms such as: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Typhy.

Pool Managment - Best practice manual | Book

"Pools Management - A Manual of Best Practices" - this is a unique, multidisciplinary manual and has the experience and collective knowledge of five specialized authors: Alexandre Miguel Mestre (Lawyer), António Silva (President FPN), Carlos Custódio Benfica Town Council), Francisco Estevão (PortugalAquatraining), Pedro Mesquita (CIMAI).

HANDCIM PLUS | Liquid soap and shower gel

SPECIAL FORMULA - With the products of high cosmetics, rich in foam and efficient in cleaning.
WITH SOFTENERS AND MOISTERIZERS - containes natural vegetable oil based softeneres and moisterizers for skin

INDUCIM PB | industrial hand wash

Industrial hand wash disinfectant for washing and disinfecting hands and removing lead and other heavy metals.

INDUCIM SU | industrial hand-wash

Specially formulated for use in workshops, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, military units, yards, etc.

INIBAL | chlorine neutralizer

Chlorine neutralizer and inhibitor for the water of the swimming pool.

INOXAL SU | Deoxidation and cleaning of superficies in inox

Removal of oxides and limestone in radiators or other equipment, materials which include more fragile metals such as copper, aluminum and their alloys. Scouring of corrosion points in the paintings of new vehicles. Should not be used on the bodies at temperatures above 25°C.

IODOCIM | Liquid Disinfectant, with controlled release of iodine.

Powerful disinfectant, iodophor. Formulated with iodine complexes, nonionic surfactants and disinfectant enhancer acids and sterilizing effect of iodine. Non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and mucosae when used diluted.

ISOCIM | Insulator and water repellent for electrical and electronic equipment protection

ULTRA MODERN FORMULATION that sumultaniously works as electric isolator and as a anti corrosive for metalic surfaces.
ADHERES to dry materials: metal, ceramic surfaces, rubber, PVC and all kinds of electrical insulation conferring high strength even in conditions of high condensation of humidity.

LACACIM | Anticorrosive coating Oily Film

PROTECTS: Any type of metalic surface against oxidizing agents.
LEAVES PROTECTIVE FILM: That prevents oxidation by oxigen and humidity.

LAVECIM FG | Neutral Super Concentrated Detergent for Food Industry

The LAVECIM FG is a highly concentrated detergent, free of perfumes, with strong degreasing power for general washes in the food industry.

LAVECIM SU | concentrated detergent for manual dish washing

Specially designed for manual dish washing of all kitchen utensils, general cleaning in food industry, hospitality industry, marine, etc...

LAVINCER | clean and wax

Clean and wax for the synthetic pavements, such as: linoleum, rubber; mineral pavements - marble, marmorite and unpolished granite.

LISTERCIM | Broad spectrum Degreasing biocide for floors, walls, vehicles and garbage containers

Disinfection of vehicles and garbage containers.





MULTICIM | cleans and disinfects - biodegradable - multipurpose

Formula with incorporation of special disinfectant products, soft surfactants, low foam and rapid drying. Cleans everything without leaving film, does not require washing with water.

NITRIAQUA | nitrogenous nutrient for the wastewater treatment

The addition of nutrients is an efficient alternative in the reduction of organic substance in the effluent of pulp and paper industry, since it presents low in concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus sources and these nutrients will aid the development of micro-organisms, that will make the decomposition of organic material present in the effluent.

OLEOCIM | Synthetic cutting oil

LUBRICANT, COOLANT - Protects wear parts during operation and ensures better finishes.
SOLUBLE IN WATER - In all proportions. The solutions are transparent to provide visibility in precision operations.


ISOCYANURIC ACID REAGENTS TABLETS FOR PHOTOMETER | colorimetric (Turbidity) and Photometric determination of isocyanuric acid.

Measurement of cyanuric acid contents in the water.

PHENOL RED PHOTOMETER TABLETS | tablets for fotometer

For the photometric determination of the pH values

PHOTOMETER TABLETS DPD Nº1 | tablets for the photometer

For colorimetric and photometric determination of oxidants (chlorine, bromine, ozone, chlorine dioxide)

PHOTOMETER TABLETS DPD Nº3 | tablet for the photometer

For colorimetric and photometric determination of oxidants (Total Chlorine) used along with DPD No. 1 tablets.

PAVECIM | Detergent for automatic floor cleaning machines

WASHES,DISINFECTS - all tile floors, marble, vinyl, etc., not waxed, even with hard water
CONTAINS - controlled foam surfactants, biodegradable.

PERCIM | detergent, degreaser, bleacher

Especially suitable for washing: floors, walls in the showers, countertops and toilet washing.

REFRICIM | water treatment for the refrigiration systems

Specially designed to be used within water refrigiration systems of the motors of the light and heavy vehicles as well as ships.

ROSECIM | Hand anticeptic

Due to the combination of powerful disinfectants, antiseptics and bactericides ROSECIM acts as bactericide, bacteriostatic, fungicide and with virucidal effect over a wide range of microorganisms such as fungi, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and viruses, including the type HN, and in particular influenza A subtype H1N1, and Hepatitis B. Being a powerful antiseptic/disinfectant is still has a low toxicity .

SANICIM | Acidic descaler and deodorant

Cleaning, disinfection and descaling of any surface that allows the application of water and is not attacked by acids. Used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sanitary installations, etc.

SEPTCIM | Hand-wash disinfectant

SEPTICIM is a hand wash that have constituted washing agents, powerful disinfectants and antiseptics. It is fully biodegradable and free of alcohol. It has an effective power against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including gram positive / negative bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses among which the type HN namely Influenza A subtype H1N1.

SILACIM | polysiloxane based nonstick lubricant and anti-static

LUBRICATES ADN WATERPOOFS - against the moisture.
ELIMINATES - Noise caused by friction.
NOT TOXIC. - Can be used in food preparation equipment.

SKY BIO | Cleans - Biodegradable - Multipurpose

SPECIAL FORMULA - With soft surfactants, low foam and quick drying.; CLEANS EVERYTHING - Without leaving a film, it does not need to be filled with water.

SKY CLOR PA | chlorinated disinfectant tablets for raw vegetables and fruit

Product with a large germicidal power of eliminating a great number of microorganisms. Suitable for the disinfection of raw vegetables and fruit.

SKY DEL | Chlorine and alkalinity neutralizer for industrial laundries, hotels and hospitals.

SKY DEL is a neutralizer for the use in the rinse water.
Avoids the yellowing effect caused by remaining chlorine which originates PREMATURE tissue WEAR. SKY DEL removes the alkali salts from detergents without causing any damage to textile fibers.

SKY ODOR EUCALIPTO | óleo essencial de eucalipto

Special eucalyptus essences for professional use in welfare centers equiped with turkish bath, sauna or other equipment.

SKY ODOR PINHO | cedar essential oil

Special cider essences for professional use in welfare centers equiped with turkish bath, sauna or other equipment.

SKY OXY | Disinfectant. Bleacher for the white tissues.

It is an oxidizing product, chlorine free , which in addition to powerful disinfecting effect, provides bleaching effect for white fabrics and removes stains even on color fabrics. It is effective at removing all types of stains including pharmaceuticals such as chlorhexidine.

SKY SOFT | Concentrated softener for clothes with disinfectant

Concentrated fabric softener, especially recommended for industrial use, with high concentration of cationic surfactants with softening properties, anti-static, avoiding the adhesion of dirt in the different types of fabric.

SKY SURF | Liquid detergent for washing machines

SKY SURF Liquid detergent for washing machines, suitable for white and colored fabrics. Maximum efficiency in REMOVING OILS and DIFFICULT FATS.

SOLCIM | Universal concentrated biodegradable detergent

Recommended for industrial cleaning of any surface: painted, plastic, wooden, glass, tile, marble, upholstery, carpets, ceramic pavements, etc...


TYRECIM P20 | Shiner for plastics and tyre treatment

Specially idnicated for usage in automobile industry, cleaning and embelishment of plastic and caoutchouc (tires) surfaces. Leaves the surface shiny and avoids dust settling.


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