CIM 80

CIM 80 is used in removing fats at a cold conditions, alkaline fouling carbonaceous deposits, carbon black, etc. It is recommended for cleaning and degreasing of floors in slaughterhouses, markets and respective countertops and containers in which food is transported.

It is also used in industrial kitchens for cleaning and degreasing of floors and all equipment, non-metallic, as well as benches and others. Municipalities use the product in the cleaning of public litter bins, as the CIM 80 can remove the black smoke deposited in them due to traffic.
Not flammable.
Miscible with water in all proportions.
Contains no cyanide, chromate and other toxic substances.
Effective in action on carbon black, fat, alkaline buildup or carbonaceous deposits.
Effective action in the toilet and floors wash, leaving surfaces cleaned and disinfected.
It is not recommended its use in metal, aluminum or iron.
Easily removes dirt, grease, and stains on the plastic material.



  • Degreasing in cold
  • Desincrustation

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