• INOXAL SU - Deoxidation and cleaning of superficies in inox


Removal of oxides and limestone in radiators or other equipment, materials which include more fragile metals such as copper, aluminum and their alloys. Scouring of corrosion points in the paintings of new vehicles. Should not be used on the bodies at temperatures above 25°C.

REMOVES: Oxides, salts and all types of dirt from the surfaces in inox, alloys of copper, aluminium, etc.
CONTAINS ACID COMPONENTS: Organic in nature, non corrosive cleaning materials, cleans without emission of fumes or odors.
TENSOACTIVES: Are of controlled foam and biodegradable.
CONTAINS SEQUESTRIAN AGENTS: Increases efficiency of the product even with hard water



  • Cleaning
  • Desoxidation

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